Book 2 – Jésus will soon return in His Glory – (175 pages)


Jesus Tender of heart…
in guise of a Preface…
Yes, « Jesus will soon return in His glory! »… This is already the
second volume of Jesus ‘messages to souls of good will. May it be
as well received by our readers as the first one was. These texts
are so important! I was going to say essential. To be sure, they add
nothing to the Revelation, but they are a new loving appeal. As we
read these messages, we cannot help but see, between the lines,
the « hand of Jesus »… the « hand of God », the hand that wrote the
Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, but also the hand that,
before the eyes of those who would have stoned the woman caught
in adultery, wrote in the dust… In both cases, this « hand of God »
was writing the Law of Love. Here, in these passages, the same
« hand of God », guiding the hand and heart of « Françoise »,
traces before our eyes the same Law of L0ve.
Jesus said that this book would contain the essential truths that
He wants to give everyone: faith, love, the gifi of oneself and trust.
All of which simply adds up to the only path that leads to the Heart
of God. Dear readers, pause over each of these words and you will
De convinced of the necessity of accepting this Message.

Françoise’s spiritual father

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