Book 3 – Jesus will soon return in His Glory – (175 pages)


Jesus Will Soon Return in His Glory…  » Volume 5
Dear reader… you have tasted the first two books of this
important message. No doubt you gradually let yourself be pene-
trated by these words so full of love and tenderness that fell from
the lips of our Lord… But that is not enough: we need to go fur-
ther and to understand that the conversion Jesus asks isfirst of al
ours… mine, and yours, to0, who are holding this book at this very
moment. What are you going to do? What path of conversion are
you going to choose? And first of all, what do you have in your
Own self that needs « converting »?
Here, then, is volume 5.. « Françoise » has grown and come to
know Jesus more intimately. He often lets her feel the Infinite
Tenderness of His Heart and asks her to spread the word that
Jesus has the same tenderness in store for every person… and for
you, too, of course! « You have grown these past months », Jesus
tells her on 27 December 1998, while I was dictating this volume
to you, I gave you My Joy to drink which I want to be in every
Soul. »
It is precisely to this « Joy » that « Françoise » is to bear witness,
it is the Joy that Jesus gives that she is to difuse to those around
her, perhaps in spite of those whom Pope John XXIl called the
« prophets of doom », who look forward to nothing but imminent
catastrophe… in short, the opposite of God’s tender Love.

Françoise’s spiritual father.
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