Book 1 – Jesus will soon return in His Glory – 3 volumes – (379 pages)



I can still see Françoise, arriving with her thick folder and
what she called the « Messages » from Jesus. No one could have
been more skeptical about these texts from on high than she was.
And that in itself created a presumption in their favor.
Reading these wonderful, clear, incisive texts, demanding and
at the same time gentle, one is moved. Jesus, who speaks from
these pages, and who in each message gives proof of his divine
identity (the enemy is always capable of subterfuge), reveals him-
self to be so loving, I was going to say so tender, that we cannot
refuse to open our heart.
Jesus says as much in his own words: « I, Christ, am giving this
work to the world as a sign of my profound and infinite tenderness
for humankind, tenderness which is so forgotten and neglected by
the souls of these times! »
We are in the presence of a new appeal on the part of God’s
Mercy… The time is near not for the end of the world but the
Kingdom of Christ. And in these times, we need souls who are lit-
Tle and humble enough to hear the Lord’s call. Jesus desires only
One thing: to come into the souls of those who will accept him and
to work in them down to the last detail.


Françoise’s spiritual father
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