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June 2023

Dictated on Wednesday 21 October 2015 – MCC10-61

Jesus and Mary return

The dawn is here, of My Holy Tenderness – which is Mercy – coming to break over the world, in all souls of good will. I am coming with Mary, My Blessed Mother, to give you the gift of living, with love at the centre of your lives.
Very often, sin has brought distress, pain and darkness to many souls; and these souls will find their way back to the path of Truth through the love deposited, felt, in their hearts.
This love is the divine love shining through all the little ones who love Me; it is also the Love that is My Holy Presence, offered by grace to many, directly into their souls.
I come with Mary to soothe, to console, to lift up. What do you have to do, My little ones who have already chosen Me? Love: give love and tenderness to those you see suffering. And if you cannot speak of Me, of My Sacred Heart burning with Love, because some souls are not ready, be love, peace, kindness, listening: and you will see that little by little the shells will expand and let the Light in.
Yes, love and yet denounce hatred, violence, impurity and all the evils of pride, the thirst for power and glory… but love and bring hope to all the hearts that welcome you.
Bless and uplift, and may your holy angels help you unceasingly.
I bless you, My child.

Jesus Christ.


May 2023

Dictated on Friday 18 May 2007 – MCC9 – 38

Prayer Assembly (in Paris)

I have given you Mary, My holy Mother, to help you all, helping you each day to grow, to know Me.
Your holy Mother in heaven knows you better than a mother; she is close to all those who implore her and seek life in truth.
Entrust yourself to My holy Mother, so that she may enlighten your path with her tenderness and maternal power. She smoothes out every wave in your soul in order to lead you to My Sacred Heart; she keeps your soul away from evil, protecting and enlightening it; she brings Me to you, after having prepared your hearts.
Let yourselves be purified by Mary, Queen of heaven and earth. Her love is there for every soul that allows her to renew its heart, choosing her with a sincere heart, accepting her loving advice…
Yes, hope in Mary, for I am coming back through her, for all the humble of heart.
In this month of May, may she offer you each, through your yes, to change your lives, so that you may discover the happiness of entering into the entire Will of God thrice Holy.
Through your profound and joyful conversion, through your total yes, your prayer and your praises will touch My Heart more and more, which burns to save you in your country so tenderly loved.
I bless you who welcome Me.

Jesus Christ


April 2023

Dictated on Saturday, October 18, 2003 – MCC 7-56

The return of Jesus

Jesus Christ dictates to you…
Be blessed, My little flower…
I am coming back, through My Eucharistic Kingdom. I am coming back through My Kingdom in your hearts, a Kingdom that will be established in souls of fire, adoring in truth.
I come to give the little ones a strength of love they do not suspect, to help them overcome the evil of your time.
This will be given to you during worship…
My Coming into hearts is for now, in your time. You must take Me at My word, with the faith of a trusting child…
The grace of My Presence, of My Intimacy, will pour itself into you if you accept the Truth, which I am.
No one can travel far if he does not have food. In the same way, if you welcome only a part of the truth revealed in the Gospel, you will not advance.
It is by bowing to the Divine Will – which is Love – that you will be filled with My Holy Presence which will fulfill you beyond your expectations…
Beware of those who want to exchange the words of the Gospel – which disturb them – for human and false words, contrary to Love.
My Coming into hearts will be for those who have accepted the Gospel, source of life…
You see, men want to ‘adapt’ the Gospel to your time so that they do not ‘adapt’ themselves to Love. Out of pride, because the Truth does not suit them, they prefer to transform the meaning of My Words…

And this is very serious, for they come to chase Me away while claiming to honour and serve Me.
I tell you: if they do not recognize the seriousness of their sin, they will not know My Kingdom in their hearts, but that of darkness…
My Return is for the little ones, those who wait for Me and hope for Me in humility, in a love of adoration, simply: they will see My Glory as they stand before Me, in the Most Blessed Sacrament, which I am…
This is coming soon, flower, for your time, for I am coming to drive out evil with strength. Do not ask yourself how, and pray. You will see, with your eyes, how I act, to save you…
Go: I bless you. Console Me with your lowliness and smile at Me.

Jesus Christ.


March 2023

Dictated on Wednesday 14 March 2007 – MCC9-32


Only he who contemplates Me, making silence within himself, can grow in humility, thus allowing himself to be stripped of everything that is not of God.
Community prayer must make you an assembly of humble souls, ready to abandon everything for your thrice Holy God.
Prayer, praise, adoration, strengthen you in the search and thirst for God Alone, in His Will so full of Love for you.
Seek humility as a very great treasure that will allow you to live in My holy Tenderness, in My Intimacy.
Push away from you all feelings of an all-too-human and not at all divine nature, those feelings that are self-love, pride, egoism, vanity, revolt; all that prevents you from tasting the infinitely Holy Love of God for you.
Through prayer, abandonment, adoration, through your free and determined will to renew your lives, God will give you the grace to accept humility, the starting point of a true conversion, a humility that must grow until your last day on earth.
Accept to detach yourself entirely from what is “of the world” and which occupies you too much; God will come to your aid by His Holy Spirit to advise you at all times, if you manage to put your love in Him alone, leaving aside your attractions for the things of this world.
True conversion demands of you that holy humility which is to recognise that so many things “of the world” still attract you, depriving you of the divine intimacy.
Forget yourself, turn to God to know Him, forget your “self” which prevents you from contemplating Me. Then, by your voluntary choice, you will grow in God, your community prayer will be a source of great benefits for all of you and for your country, for the whole world.
God reveals Himself to the little ones who offer Him everything, conscious of their misery…
I, Jesus Christ, bless you.

Jesus Christ


February 2023

Dictated on Wednesday, November 12, 2003 – MCC7-64

Meeting others

Jesus Christ tells you : I bless you.
The love of the brothers liberates the soul.
A soul that thirsts to become a ray of love becomes light, free of burdens… It becomes pure, day after day more and more, because it gives itself and then I fill it with My Grace.
To him who loves with all his heart, I refuse nothing.
Love your brothers with your heart, with tenderness. Dare to share your heart, nourished by Mine, with those who are thirsty. Many souls are thirsty for love, not knowing that God is the source of all Love.
Go to their aid, to meet them, and bear witness to My Sacred Heart by being yourselves a heart that loves…
May tenderness return to the Earth, flower… I desire it so much. May communication be re-established between men, directly…
Do you know how much men have let themselves be enslaved by the means of communication of your time? Without knowing it, they have become lonely, selfish, closed in on themselves, and sick, because their favorite companion is a screen, an object…
If you could see the cunning of Satan to lose souls…
Work, flower, so that men meet again, holily, and share their hearts, in Me, with Me.
I am here to help every soul of good will…
Help Me, My child. I promise you that nothing we do will be in vain.
I bless you lovingly.

Jesus Christ.


January 2023

Dictated on Thursday, January 4, 2001 – MCC6 – 180

Jesus Christ dictates to you: I bless you.

When you ask the Father for something in My Name, Jesus Christ, the Father will grant it.
This word, few put it into practice. Because you do not have the faith that comes from a heart set on fire by love.
What have I done in coming to earth among you? I have loved you to the end, I have come to teach you to love. I have come to heal you… You do not read the Gospel enough… if you read it with love, you will understand that I have come to free you from every chain.
To the one who wants to follow Me and welcomes Me with faith and humility, I give everything… You no longer believe enough in My benefits… I did not come to bring life, healing, only during My Passage on Earth: I am with you every day, until the end of this world, and forever.
You must find hope again; and this is obtained through prayer, deep contemplation, total abandonment, the sacraments.
I call you, but how many resist Me, making Me a God who brings suffering…
Live My Presence constantly and you will know Me. Accept to make yourselves very small and the Light of My Holy Spirit will enlighten you.
If I call you to profound conversion, to the total gift of yourselves, it is to bring you the life that I Am.
To know My Heart, you must surrender yourself totally, in trust. It is a decision that belongs to you. Then you will have the healing of your wounds, so diverse, so deep.
But God never imposes Himself. You are therefore free to choose each day My Will of Love, or yours. Believe Me, however: the enemy, evil, is relentless against you, made powerful by so many sins: he will never give you life, but darkness, gloom and suffering…
To each one here, I say: offer Me your heart in total surrender, offer Me every bit of your life, for love, come and know My Heart, and I will heal you, delivering you from all evil…
Little children, this is the end of this time that has known so much evil. Be courageous, solid and joyful, for I am coming again: My Glory is there, at your doors.
I bless you.

Jesus Christ.


December 2022

Dictated on Thursday 8 October 2015 n°10-58

Jesus comes with Mary

My loves of “little ones”, you who welcome Me, listen to Me, and put My Word into practice by loving and forgiving, by smiling and offering your sufferings, I come to bless you, to give you hope, to comfort you by saying to you: the Light is coming, on humanity, in the very midst of the darkness of your time.
The Light of My Holy Spirit is coming through the clouds of darkness heaped upon the Earth, and this Light will fill all souls of good will, all those who have chosen to love and seek the Truth.
To you, little children, I say: begin to smile, begin to live again in peace and hope that I am coming to chase away evil and share My Sacred Heart with you, intimately.
Yes, humanity will rise again, thanks to all your prayers, your offered sufferings, your gifts of love and your perseverance.
Although evil is at its peak at this time, with so much violence, impurity, selfishness, pride, I come with My Blessed Mother to repair, to raise, to revive and to vivify.
You will come out of these wars brought by evil and My Sacred Heart will be honoured, loved, welcomed by all those who prefer love to hate.
Yes, the Light of the Holy Spirit comes to invade the little ones, and the Earth will be reborn from its ashes.
I bless you, My little child,

Jesus Christ.


November 2022

Dictated on Saturday 10 January 2009 – MCC9-53

Reign of Love

My Kingdom in hearts is there, taking root in pure, loving, gentle hearts… It is being established with and through Mary who is teaching My little ones to love holily.
My Kingdom of Love, of Tenderness, comes in souls that have accepted to be purified of all evil, because they have chosen Me lovingly.
If you want to understand My Kingdom of Tenderness, you, soul who is listening to Me, you must let Me empty you of all noise, so that you may become silent. Then the Holy Spirit will pour Himself out abundantly on your heart…
Become silent and humble for love, drive out pride definitively by choosing to know Me out of thirst, out of fire. For if you do not come to beg by opening your heart to My Will, I can do nothing.
Become a flame that burns unceasingly, joyfully, because you know that I love you infinitely. Chase away the noise from your soul in order to listen to Me, in order to give…
For My holy Tenderness delights in the hearts of the little ones who have nothing but abandon themselves because they adore Me in truth.
Yes, hold yourself against My Sacred Heart, choose to become love, and I will come, restore you, and fulfill you.
For My holy Tenderness which is allied to all Truth, My Return in hearts, and the new Pentecost will cover the earth through the pure souls, the souls of the meek and humble of heart.
You, choose Me always more lovingly and follow Me where I am taking you…
I bless you.

Jesus Christ


October 2022

Dictated on Thursday 4 January 2001 – MCC6 – 179

Jesus Christ is telling you: I bless you.

When the soul opens its heart entirely to Me, giving Me its faith, its love, its misery, I rush into it to heal it deeply.
I am Mercy: I come to save you and to heal every disease of the soul, of the heart, and sometimes of the body too. My children, hope in Me; hope that I give you the life you have lost.
There is no problem, no disease, without a solution. I can free you from all suffering, heal all infirmities of heart, soul, mind, and body.
If you open your heart to My Word of the Gospel, you will obtain healing, regaining hope: and then you can in turn become little lights to help your brothers.
Come and unload your burdens: give Me everything that worries you, give Me your heart and ask Me for its deep healing, in faith. I will not leave you…
How many times have I wanted to hold each one of you close to My Heart, thus delivering you from spiritual and other diseases… But you often doubt My Love…
Love heals everything: but you must accept it, like a child.
Sometimes, you have physical sufferings to bear: that too, I can heal; and when I do not, I can give you all the strength, all the joy, to bear these crosses that each one encounters in his life.
Come and beg for healing. Come and praise Me, offer Me everything of yourself. And I will heal you, I will heal you.
Let your prayer be love, peace, praise. Rest in My Heart in a great inner silence, and you will see My wonders of graces deposited in you…
It is in total surrender to My holy Will that you will receive the profound healing of your whole being.
I am good and gentle. I am ready to give you life again. Let yourself be loved by Me.
I bless you.

Jesus Christ.


September 2022

Dictated on Tuesday 9 May 2006

Jesus Christ dictates to you: I bless you.


Peace to the soul that consecrates its life and heart to Me, for he who chooses Me is on the way to a blessed eternity.
Peace at every moment, under My gaze, so that you may become peace for others.

Whoever prays with his heart, entrusting his whole life to Me in joyful abandonment, finds My Peace if he welcomes it.
For this, no inner noise, no turning in on yourselves, no vain thoughts. Know how to empty yourself in order to look ‘out to sea’, like the horizon on the sea.

Your ‘open sea’ is My Sacred Heart. Looking towards Me, you will forget your misery, which I will take care of, and you will allow Me to raise you up…
Then, peace to the humble, by their simplicity, their abandonment.
Let each day be new for you, under the loving gaze of God. Flee from habits, whether earthly or spiritual. Let yourselves be led by faith and peace will be your companion.
I bless you.

Jesus Christ



August 2022

Dictated on Saturday 15 August 2009 – MCC10-23

 Assumption of Mary

Choosing Mary

Mary ascended to heaven with her total purity: purity of soul, heart, body and mind; a purity that made her say yes lovingly to God at every moment.

Mary lived her trust in God so strongly that she carried hope and divine joy within her, gifts of the Holy Spirit for the souls of little ones.

How I would like each one of you to let Mary teach you in your daily life, so that you may choose that profound purity which vivifies every person… Through purity you will obtain peace, profound joy, strength of love, and your life will be a balm for the humble who seek God with righteousness.

Mary will teach you inner silence, that treasure which allows Me to meet you, to fill you with My Heart. She will guide you so that, by becoming true worshippers, you will gradually chase away all that is darkness, obscurity, evil…

Many times the heart of My Blessed Mother suffers, because instead of holding her hand, you stop looking at her and you fall into self-love, pride: you then lose the peace then My Holy Tenderness, and life is no longer in you…

How often I would like to tell you: “Look at Mary”: she is silent, gentle and firm, filled with My Peace and My Joy.

Follow her so that she may show you the way to Heaven and deliver you from the spirit of the world, from the lack of patience and love that are in souls that are still too noisy.

By consecrating yourselves to Mary, you will obtain My Kingdom of Tenderness within you, which will illuminate your lives and all the souls that you will meet or carry in your prayer.

On this beautiful day, may each one choose the way of humility, which is the way of Love.

I bless you lovingly.

Jesus Christ.



July 2022

Dictated on Monday 5 January 2009 – no. 9-50

Contemplate Me always so lovingly, for My Look wants to fill yours.
Contemplate Me to let My Smile come into you: the smile of My Tenderness for the pure of heart.
Every time you come against My Heart, My Love overflows on your brothers, because of your deep union with Me.
Glorify the Father by your surrender to the Sacred Heart of His Son, in your all-ness.
Glorify the Holy Spirit by letting Him flow in you while you are with Me.
And glorify Me by your trust for I am the One who renews everything for you.
Be very close, be intimate with Me, even more so: it is My Kingdom of Tenderness that wants to grow in you to make you live, so that you may spread My Love to all…
Thus, I will save souls from blindness, from spiritual death. Even if you do not see all these souls that I am saving, believe firmly that through the exchange of our glances, through this loving silence, I am saving, a little everywhere, wherever you ask Me.
Joy for you, flower, in adoration…
Jesus Christ


June 2022

Excerpt from a message dictated on December 13, 2006 – MCC9-48

Learn to share your heart, to give of yourselves, to offer your love, your attention, your listening; learn to forget yourself to turn to your brothers; learn to ignore your self to answer My Call; learn to let the silence in you so that My Holy Spirit may come down and enlighten you, for yourself and for your brothers.
Your vocation is to give yourself after having been nourished by My Love. If Love does not overflow onto your brothers, by sharing your heart under My gaze, you will not grow or be truly converted.
God gives Himself in abundance to the one who loves. He who does not love, keeping to himself what he receives, will be deprived of My Presence which is a river that must flow without end. If man puts a barrier to this river of love, claiming to love Me and not giving his heart in turn, he will deprive himself of this river of Love – which is the Holy Spirit.
The more love you give, the more God will fill you. Then you will be souls radiant with My Holy Presence and thus help Me to save your humanity. May each one welcome Mary into his or her heart, so that she may surely lead him or her towards the whole Truth, towards the Love that is gift, that is sharing.
Let each one open his heart to Me completely, accepting to let go of his “self”, and you will become a resting place for My Heart; then, all together, united by prayer, you will be a small victorious army over the evil at work in your country.
I bless you, My little ones…

Jesus Christ



May 2022

Dictated on Friday 18 May 2007 – MCC 9-38

Prayer Assembly (in Paris)

I have given you Mary, My holy Mother, to help you all, helping you each day to grow, to know Me.

Your holy Mother in heaven knows you better than a mother; she is close to all those who implore her and seek life in truth.

Entrust yourself to My holy Mother, so that she may enlighten your path with her tenderness and maternal power. She smoothes out every wave in your soul in order to lead you to My Sacred Heart; she keeps your soul away from evil, protecting and enlightening it; she brings Me to you, after having prepared your hearts.

Let yourselves be purified by Mary, Queen of heaven and earth. Her love is there for every soul that allows her to renew its heart, choosing her with a sincere heart, accepting her loving advice…

Yes, hope in Mary, for I am coming back through her, for all the humble of heart.

In this month of May, may she offer you each, through your yes, to change your lives, so that you may discover the happiness of entering into the entire Will of God thrice Holy.

Through your profound and joyful conversion, through your total yes, your prayer and your praises will touch My Heart more and more, which burns to save you in your country so tenderly loved.

I bless you who welcome Me.

Jesus Christ


April 2022

Dictated on Sunday, April 1, 2001 – MCC6 – 206

“Carrying My Cross

Jesus Christ dictates to you: I bless you.

When you hand over your will into My Hands, at each passing moment, you will know My divine, profound Joy, which no one can take away from you.
And you also know My Cross, glorious because by putting your steps in Mine, you have the victory.
He who does not carry My Cross does not know Me intimately, deeply. The Cross is coming, for each beloved who accepts to be set on fire for Me.
If your soul still behaves according to the spirit of the world, if your heart does not thirst for Me every second of your life, the whole Truth cannot enter you. Then evil  the prince of darkness  does not fear you, and continues to keep you in spiritual torpor…
But if your soul is consumed with love for My Sacred Heart, contemplating Me unceasingly in a profound interior silence, My Holy Spirit will descend upon you, day after day, forming you, consoling you, teaching you the Truth of the Gospel.
In this union of your heart with Mine, there will be no more room for evil. And then you will be a danger to Satan, because Love and Truth terrify him…
There, you will meet My Cross… Persecution, mockery, slander, nothing will be spared you because evil cannot contain itself before a soul that loves God.
But your strength will be My Love. Your joy will be in forgiveness, in humility, in abasement before those who persecute you. Your victory will be in your silence of love in the face of hatred. Thus, I will fill you with My Presence, holding you close to My Heart at every moment.
And no one will deprive you of My Love…
Believe that, whatever the devil undertakes against you, he will never be able to inflict more crosses on you than I allow. When he tries, I overthrow him with power…
Feel fulfilled when you carry My Cross. It is a sign that you are close to My Heart.
Soon, very soon, I will return among you. I am coming back into your hearts, offering you My Presence, in your so troubled time. And I will come in My Glory to overthrow evil…
Watch; be little torches burning with love. Let no one force you to accept errors and lies. Obey Pope John Paul II. Declare yourselves for Me, openly, defend Love, protect the poor, and believe that I will declare Myself for you when the time comes…
Be ready to endure any trial to defend the Truth. If you put your will in Mine, My Peace, My Joy, My Tenderness will keep you unceasingly.
I bless you, you who desire Me.

Jesus Christ.


March 2022

Dictated on Friday 1 May 2009 – no. 9-80

Living the message of conversion of hearts

My message of conversion of hearts is for many whom I want to bring back into My Sacred Heart, giving them Truth and Life.
But few live it daily, letting themselves be moulded by the Father in Heaven… Many believe, welcome with enthusiasm, but continue to live far from My Sacred Heart, without living this deep and joyful intimacy that would restore them, without seeking this lowliness that is the key to the encounter with My holy Presence…
So I am coming to tell you: live My Messages every day: they are a reminder of the Gospel with the nuance of My Heart of Tenderness: they are given to you so that your lives may be transformed by the Love that has come to live in you.
Little ones, simplicity, burning love for God, love for My Church; help Me to save your humanity through this Heart-to-Heart that I am asking you to restore yourself and to be instruments of My Kingdom of Love that is coming.
I bless all the little ones who go forward and hope.

Jesus Christ


February 2022

Dictated on Friday 3 October 2014 – n°10-47

Little ones to go forward

My beloved children, be little ones to go forward: be confident in your God of Love and drive away any anxiety that might prevent you from going forward. Thus you will see that the Holy Spirit guides you gently as you become simple and open to Grace.

Do not worry about tomorrow: every day, do your best and you will see that I help you with everything thanks to your good will.

Have the desire to love, always more, for it is this holy desire that will allow Me to vivify you, every day, and make you grow.

Be simple, happy in My Intimacy, alive and solid: I am with you, I, Jesus Christ, and I bless you.

Jesus Christ.



January 2022

Dictated on Friday 18 March 2011 – MCC10-39

Confidence in the night

It is I, Jesus Christ, who blesses you and dictates to you. My little flower…
When you are thirsty for Love, you look here and there, within Creation, for what will fill your thirsty soul in this time of darkness.
God has given you the Earth, with the creation it contains, so that you may live fully; but this fullness of life in the midst of the Earth can only be if you live in My Sacred Heart, intimately united to Me, with Mary. Then the Earth will fulfill you, whether in your relationships or by its beauty, because you will see your whole daily life in the Love that I Am.
The evil one is constantly at work to try to discourage you, making you lose hope in a life filled with Love. So many souls accept sin that everything seems hopeless…
Yet, I guard and protect you with such great Tenderness… I pamper you, lead you, in spite of the trials, so that you may be renewed, fulfilled by My Heart.
Sometimes the night is there, in your souls, when the suffering is long: but I would like to tell you each one: always keep confidence in My Sacred Heart, whatever you are going through, for if you love Me, choose Me, I will never abandon you. No situation can prevent Me from rescuing you at the moment I choose.
Offer Me your yes, constantly, even when you can no longer see clearly, and you will see that Love will console you, restore you, and help you each day much more than you hope for at this moment.
I ask only for trust, humility, thirst for God; and you will see that My Consolation for you will fill your days also through My creatures and My Creation.
After this night that so many little ones are experiencing at this moment, the profound and divine joy will arrive for everyone here on earth and you will then be radiant with My Love to help all those who are still far away…
Hope, confident offering of your present sorrows, and great faith: the love that you need so much is part of the gift that God wants to give you: let yourselves be filled with My Grace that is there at every moment.
I lovingly bless you who welcome Me.

Jesus Christ.



December 2021

Dictated on Thursday 11 December 2014 – MCC10-49

Christmas Message 2014.



Behold, the feast of My Nativity is approaching, and how I would like everyone to wait for Me in their hearts, with love, with joy…

Many have forgotten Me, denied Me, especially in your country. But in response to all My little ones who unceasingly pray to Me to save you, I will come and revive so many spiritually dead souls.

May this beautiful feast be for everyone a moment of joy, love and hope, in spite of all those who chase and persecute Me again. Be anchored in My Sacred Heart, resting in Me for so many sins and resting in My Holy Tenderness.

United in Me, with Me, with your Holy Mother, you will live then, sharing the wonders of graces that I want to offer you. Be: love; and shine through the One who comes to visit you: Jesus Christ.

I bless you all who welcome Me.


Jesus Christ.