The month Message

January 2022

Dictated on Friday 18 March 2011 – MCC10-39

Confidence in the night

It is I, Jesus Christ, who blesses you and dictates to you. My little flower…
When you are thirsty for Love, you look here and there, within Creation, for what will fill your thirsty soul in this time of darkness.
God has given you the Earth, with the creation it contains, so that you may live fully; but this fullness of life in the midst of the Earth can only be if you live in My Sacred Heart, intimately united to Me, with Mary. Then the Earth will fulfill you, whether in your relationships or by its beauty, because you will see your whole daily life in the Love that I Am.
The evil one is constantly at work to try to discourage you, making you lose hope in a life filled with Love. So many souls accept sin that everything seems hopeless…
Yet, I guard and protect you with such great Tenderness… I pamper you, lead you, in spite of the trials, so that you may be renewed, fulfilled by My Heart.
Sometimes the night is there, in your souls, when the suffering is long: but I would like to tell you each one: always keep confidence in My Sacred Heart, whatever you are going through, for if you love Me, choose Me, I will never abandon you. No situation can prevent Me from rescuing you at the moment I choose.
Offer Me your yes, constantly, even when you can no longer see clearly, and you will see that Love will console you, restore you, and help you each day much more than you hope for at this moment.
I ask only for trust, humility, thirst for God; and you will see that My Consolation for you will fill your days also through My creatures and My Creation.
After this night that so many little ones are experiencing at this moment, the profound and divine joy will arrive for everyone here on earth and you will then be radiant with My Love to help all those who are still far away…
Hope, confident offering of your present sorrows, and great faith: the love that you need so much is part of the gift that God wants to give you: let yourselves be filled with My Grace that is there at every moment.
I lovingly bless you who welcome Me.

Jesus Christ.



December 2021

Dictated on Thursday 11 December 2014 – MCC10-49

Christmas Message 2014.



Behold, the feast of My Nativity is approaching, and how I would like everyone to wait for Me in their hearts, with love, with joy…

Many have forgotten Me, denied Me, especially in your country. But in response to all My little ones who unceasingly pray to Me to save you, I will come and revive so many spiritually dead souls.

May this beautiful feast be for everyone a moment of joy, love and hope, in spite of all those who chase and persecute Me again. Be anchored in My Sacred Heart, resting in Me for so many sins and resting in My Holy Tenderness.

United in Me, with Me, with your Holy Mother, you will live then, sharing the wonders of graces that I want to offer you. Be: love; and shine through the One who comes to visit you: Jesus Christ.

I bless you all who welcome Me.


Jesus Christ.