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Living in God (Françoise)

Heaven bends over the earth to save people

Jesus’ Message of Tenderness is above all a reminder of the Gospel, a Message of love, healing, hope and mercy for the world. It allows us to grow in the intimacy of the Lord and to welcome Him into our hearts.

It is also a gift from God for our time when evil is rampant everywhere, because man accepts it. Jesus comes to wake us up from our torpor by giving us back the joy of living in God. He comes to teach us to taste the Tenderness that He has for us, so that we are strengthened in our faith, provided that we give our total yes to the Truth, to the Divine Will.

But to save us (God cannot leave His creature in the hands of the enemy), Christ needs the intimate union of our heart with His. He wants from us a heart burning with love, the passionate impulse of the soul towards God.

“When I receive love from a soul, I make it rain down upon humanity,” the Lord tells us. We must therefore open our hearts to divine grace in order to learn to love. To love and be loved is called Living in God.


Extract from an interview with Françoise for the magazine Stella Maris published in February 2007

The essential thing for Françoise :

It is the intimate and transforming union with Jesus, constant prayer. Even work, all the things of the world, all the friendships, everything we have, is nothing compared to intimate union with Jesus. From the moment we seek this intimate union with Him, with the Father, with the Holy Spirit, everything else goes forward, whatever trials we go through: nothing can make us lose our peace. We find this intimate union in silence.

The essential thing is to become smaller and smaller, to put Jesus in the first place. Jesus draws me more and more into inner silence and it is there that He gives the Light of the Holy Spirit. Little by little, He gives me a much more detached view of things and of what is happening in the world, and I worry much less. I am no longer afraid of life and I know that my vocation is to love and to help people to be strong by meeting God, by choosing the whole Truth. My days must be spent in a total yes to Jesus, the source of all peace and joy.

If we say this total yes to God, then He is always with us to lead us on a path of Truth and Holiness. Until we say yes, we are wasting our time. Jesus says that there is no room for a lukewarm yes, because then we are unhappy and the devil will work to take us lower and lower, to procrastinate. Jesus warned that even the chosen ones will fall: those people who seem converted but who have kept their egos, their pride, their self-will…

There are few who are willing to say yes to God in everything. This requires contemplating Him every day, looking into His eyes, to choose His Will. If we do not contemplate Him, God does not reveal Himself, so we cannot want God’s Will, because we do not know it: we keep a very human and very narrow view of things. The most important thing is intimacy with God in every moment of our lives; the rest is secondary.

In every conversion, after a more or less long time of inner purification and solitude, Jesus puts us back into the world, gives us back the affections with friends, but at that moment we are ready to look at Him first, and to be in the world for Him.

Jesus calls us to come together in His sight with other families, to really communicate, beyond the means of communication: this strengthens us and allows us to pray together. Jesus calls me to a simpler and simpler life, away from the hustle and bustle of the world, in order to leave more and more room for the Holy Spirit, to help the world.

Then we know the Cross of Jesus, which is to live the suffering of seeing people who refuse Him and who have totally erroneous and evil desires for life.

The important thing in everyone’s life is to say yes to God and it is through Mary that we can say this yes. Mary teaches us to look into the eyes of Jesus; if we look into His eyes we become unable to say no to Him, so great is His love. But if we do not contemplate Him, our humanity takes over, our pride too, and we easily say no to Jesus.

The mission, however, comes after intimacy with the Heart of Jesus, so that it is not a human mission but a divine mission…